Christmas in July - Best Supporting Actress: Bonnie Johnson

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For this small town, Christmas came early.
Daniel is a once-famous musician running away from his talent. One of the few friends he has left is his grandmother and their special bond was always the Christmas season they both loved so much. Now it's summer and she's dying, so Daniel decides to give her one last gift -- the holidays she won't live to see. He dusts off his old guitar (and his old inspiration) and sets out to bring his grandmother Christmas in July.

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Directed by Myles Matsuno

Written by Bret Kofford
Myles Matsuno
Tyler Likes

Production Company Matsuno Media

Produced by Jeff Salyer
April Reuning
Myles Matsuno

Cast Reiley McClendon
Lacy Hartselle
Bonnie Johnson
Erin Ownbey
Grayson Russell
Hannah Altmont
Ted Johnson
Jermaine Purifory
Carron Clark
Keith McDaniel
Andrew Hunter
Marie Burke
Hal Whiteside
Jim Horning
Veronica Chetham
Asiah Mehok

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