Heaven - Winner Best Director, Angus Benfield

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Set between the New World (Heaven) and the Old World (Earth) the story follows the life and afterlife of Jonathan Stone and all of those lives around him from his past, present and future.

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Directed by Angus Benfield

Written by Angus Benfield

Production Company Bridge and Acorn Entertianment

Produced by Angus Benfield
Michelle Fozounmayeh
Ruth Benfield

Cast Eric Roberts
Angus Benfield
Michelle Fozounmayeh
Aaron Groben
Joseph Lopez
Scott King
Juliet Rusche
Ben Kientz
Bittany Mann
Tavarus Weems
Michael Maclane
Ross Bechtold
Andy Gates
Ash Khan
Kevin Keeling
Gina Simms

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