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Q and A

Meet some of the brightest professionals in our industry as they discuss their craft and their
faith.  You don't want to miss this!

Workshops will follow a specific festival schedule starting September 17, 2021, which will be posted prior to the festival.

Operation Triple Take

Availability ended 10/17/2021 EDT
Inspired the feature film Sound Of Freedom.
Enjoy a conversation with TIM BALLARD the man behind the vision of Operation Underground Railroad. This documentary inspired the Jim Caviezel film Sound Of Freedom.

Faith in Film

Availability ended 10/17/2021 EDT
How does an artist of faith work in a secular dominate industry? Find out as we will have the conversation with KEVIN SORBO, JOHN GROOTERS, TROY DUHON, DAWN LONG and CAMERON ARNETT.

Women of Faith in Film

Availability ended 10/17/2021 EDT
We have all met strong women. How about strong women of faith? These two powerhouse women stirs up the Holy Spirit! JENN GOTZON and BROOKLYN WITTMER.

Road To The Lemon Grove Panel

Availability ended 10/17/2021 EDT
COMING SOON! PLEASE STAY TUNED. Get the inside scoop from this panel discussion with first time director DALE HILDEBRAND and his amazing cast and crew. BURT YOUNG, ROSELLA BRESCIA, CHARLY CHIARELLI, CLAUDIO VENA and TOMASO SANELLI.

Faith In Music Panel

Availability ended 10/17/2021 EDT
Join a discussion with musicians who talk about song writing for faith content and their various techniques. STEPH CARSE, ROSEVELT, CORBEN CHAMPOUX and ELVIS WADE CUMMINS.

The Writers Room. Faith in the pen.

Availability ended 10/17/2021 EDT
Proverbs 18:21
It all begins with the pen. Like the tongue it has the power to give life or take life. The writer has a great responsibility to craft a project that then change through so many hands before becoming a movie. See how these writers lean on their craft and faith to get there. LEANN BARNA, HANNAH RATNAM, SHELLY PAINO and H.GORDON WOODSIDE