Hannah's Dream - Screenplay - (All Saints Peshawar - Pakistan, 22 Sept 2013) - Co-winner, Best Screenplay

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Dream from God
As Hannah, a strong Christian faith woman, living in Canada. Mourns her mother’s passing, she tells her daughter & husband stories of growing up in her native Karachi - Pakistan with her 2 brothers and 1 sister. The tales tell of a childhood filled with danger and narrow escapes but always guided by her mother and her powerful faith in God. Her mom always praying, teaching and motivating her children to stand strong with God no matter what happened. Pray before leaving the home and thank God after coming back home and memorize Bible verses. After her father’s death, she persevered through hardships at school to eventually earn an MBA degree and flee from Pakistan to Dubai. Finally, she recounts falling in love with her husband and migrating to Canada with her baby daughter. Hannah, her husband and daughter go to a church where her interest is piqued by the pastor’s sermon on spiritual gifts. She recalls her mother’s many gifts of healing, seeing into the future and her mother telling Hannah that God is going to use you for a very special mission & vision. Hannah speaks with the pastor after the service about her regret of having been too busy with worldly life to heed her mother’s prophetic words and vows to developing her God-given gifts. HANNAH'S DREAM: On 19 September 2013's (after receiving Holy Spirit baptism - her first dream): Hannah had a very vivid dream, she is there and can see "A white colour, big and beautiful church, full with the congregation, children age of 4-12 singing/playing, some kind of play/drama on the stage, dressed in white for a celebration at a church. (They looks like my own family & friends, somewhere in Pakistan). Pastor in white rob with the red scarf, musicians playing, worshipping, service happing peacefully. Two men covering their faces, holding guns, trying to go around the church (as if they are trying to find a way to get into the church building or checking the security). Barge into the church wall, killing the security guards and detonate explosives, leading to a scene of massive carnage and bloodshed. Hannah saw the round small ball shape bullets with sharp nails. As they hit people it shattered many the bodies into many parts/pieces. Everyone running here and there, so much commotion, panic, people crying, looking for their loved ones. The situation becomes out of control. Hearing the sound of emergency vehicles arrive to whisk men, women and children to an overcrowded hospital. Hannah standing in shock and see the kids wearing white dresses turned into blood spots/splashes. Many are dead, body parts all over the church building, on the floor, hanging on the trees, walls, inside and outside the church. Finally, in her dream, she sees a massive funeral, many women sitting next to the coffin boxes, they are crying, beating themselves as they cannot see the faces of their loved ones. The whole community, church and many other people join mourning families in the streets. Massive funeral mass about to happen, the long line of graves, many people standing on both sides of the roads. She wakes up around 4-4.30am in a panic, sweating, feeling the dream was very real, as if she was there and she saw everything with her own eyes, heard screaming and cry of everyone. Hannah felt very tired and exhausted as if she was helping physically around on the church ground and in the hospital. In Canada, Hannah’s husband and child went out to do groceries and some other activities. All-day she is very disturbed, didn’t want to do anything. Hannah is lost somewhere, very upset and crying inside her heart. Her husband comes to her side, finding her in desperate pain. As if something very important is lost of hers. Hannah asks him to turn on the television after coming back home. As he turned on the TV, the first news is about the bomb blast in one of the Church in Pakistan. There on the screen, the scene of her DREAM seems to her as if she has seen this blast before somewhere. Hannah tried to remember if she has seen this blast somewhere before. She opens her dream book and starts looking for it. Finally, Hannah found the same dream, saw 3 days before. Amid the chaos and blood, both of the Hannah collapses in grief. Hannah watches the news and suddenly sees the footage of her dream splashed across the television screen, playing out before her in real life. Distraught, Hannah visits her pastor and asks him how this could have happened and what she should have done? when God showed her in the dream? why no one teaches me or guided me on what to do when a dream or vision is given by God? They explore Biblical passages (Daniel, Genesis, Revelation and many others) together and conclude that she does have a spiritual gift of being able to have dreams, vision and hear from God. Intercession for those who don’t yet know what is going to happen. HANNAH, repenting, ask God forgiveness and promised that she will never take it so easy, ignore the dreams and vision. She made a habit to get up at 4 am every day for interceding. In the dark at her home, in the living room corner, Hannah prays on her knees with tears. Requesting God to send more people, finances, volunteers to help victims. The Bible verses written out by the pastor are taped to the wall along with new ones under a cross wall hanging. She pauses to write what she hears or sees while praying in her books. Will continued praying, fasting and getting in touch with other churches, a community for awareness and all kind of support. Hannah, now understand what her mother always said about her gift and God using her in a mighty way. Now she commits to devoting herself to God and His people, specially Pakistani Christians suffering. Blast information all over news channels, radio and other media spreads like a fire. That night, vigils around the world held for those killed at All Saints Church in Peshawar, Pakistan. Hannah is inspired to send medical, financial, education and other help to those Christians still living in the danger zone, being persecuted, are in the jail for their faith, burned and murdered being Christian in Pakistan.

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